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Monday, November 22, 2010

On the Road Again

We look - no kidding - like we are going to be gone for weeks.  Weeks, I tell you.  During the summer, I can pack the kids in one small suitcase with enough clothing to last a month.  Jeans don't really lend themselves to that sort of packing.  So the girls are in one suitcase, Chris, Q and I are in a big suitcase, then we have a toiletries bag, a bag of supplies - pull ups, wipes and the such.  Then a bag of dog stuff.  And Mom wants me to bring the jewelry.  And we have the pies and the cake and the hard sauce.  I believe the Swagger Wagon is going to be a low rider for this trip.  Just sayin.

Last night, in order to get Quinn to go to bed (which has become quite the task), I told him that the sooner he went to bed, the sooner it would be morning, and then the sooner we would be going to Meme's house.  He took me seriously and woke up at 6am, asking, "Meme house?"  At 2 years old, he already understands the joy of Meme's house.  By 8:30 this morning, we had to call her so that he could talk to her.

So, soon enough, we'll be off.  Pray that we don't have to use the roof rails.

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Unknown said...

Please don't make Q ride on the roof.