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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Differences...and More!

Did you read on the pioneer woman's blog a couple of weeks ago when she compared her toothpaste to her husband's?  I could totally relate to this...Chris and I don't share toothpaste for the same reason.  And then tonight at dinner, I felt that I HAD to take this picture.  Yeah, um, Chris's potato is the one on the left.  Mine is the one that is mashed all over the plate.  He used to try to serve mine on a small plate too and I had to request a big plate.  I felt like my potato was too confined.  (We also had salads with dinner...just in case you were wondering, and a plate of seasoned sliced cucumbers...and that's my glass of milk - I have one every night with dinner and miss it when we eat out, but restaurant milk just doesn't taste the same.)  And this, really, is the difference between us - tidy vs. explosive.  I am the explosive one.

The girls worked on their Christmas lists this weekend.  Chandler's looked like this....
1.  at least 3 pairs of boots
2.  anything plaid
3.  a ceiling fan with a pretty chain
4.  American Girl doll clothes

Casey made hers based on the toy catalog from Target.  And she picked nothing but junk.  So, I am having her reevaluate her list.  I just really don't want to have another zhu zhu pet Christmas.  Just sayin.

I feel tired and the week hasn't even begun.  That's not a good sign, now is it?


Emily said...

I'm sorry but I can't even believe that you used the word tidy in a sentence with my brother's name. If only you had been around to see the hardened mac and cheese that had to be scraped off the carpet in our college apartment. Ew.

molly said...

Obviously you two are a good balance to each other. It could be dangerous to have 2 explosive potatos in the same house. And Chandler's request for a ceiling fan with a pretty chain just confirms her being my Godchild. Too funny.