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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My Life...A Frantic Comedy About Stress

6:45am - leave for work
7:15am - arrive at work
4:10pm - leave work after faculty meeting
4:40pm - pick girls up from After School Program...they take 8 minutes to make their way from the gym of the school to the atrium, where I am impatiently waiting.  Chandler stands at the top of the stairs and begins,

Chandler:  So, Mama.  You know my friend...
Me:  Chandler.  We have to hurry.  We have to pick up brother and then you are going to CB's while Daddy is at a meeting, so that Mama can drive back up to school for PTO.  Tell me about the friend in the car.
Chandler:  Oh, right.  Do you know what happened today at lunch?
Me:  Chandler, go get your stuff.
Chandler:  Oh, right.  (scurries off to the lunchroom, stops at lunchroom door and begins yelling across the atrium to me)  MAMA!  Can I wear a t-shirt tomorrow?
Me:  Chandler!  Get.  Your.  Stuff.
Chandler:  You got it, Mama!
(Clearly, I don't "got it"  because it took me a million times of telling you to get your things before you actually went and got your things.)

4:52pm - finally leave the elementary school with 2 girls and a butt load of belongings.
4:56pm -  arrive to pick up Q
4:58pm -  Q's babysitter reminds him that he has to listen to his mother.  Things are not going well.  The only way I get him to leave is by reminding him that he is going to play at Loralai's house.
5:01pm - leave babysitter's.  I now have 3 children in the of whom continues to talk nonsense to me...

Chandler:  Can a person actually die of a heart attack if they are surprised? (That's my edit.  I failed to put that part in, in the original post.  I told you I was tired.)  :)
Me:  Yes.  I suppose they can.
Chandler:  But how?
Me:  Well, I guess if they had a history of heart problems and were scared or shocked or surprised, I guess they could have a heart attack and die.  But I don't think it happens very often.
Chandler:  Well then why did that lady die in that movie?
(Um, WTH are you talking about????)
Me:  Um, Chan, what are you talking about?
Chandler:  That lady.  In that movie.  She died.  Why?
Me:  Ok, I really have no idea what you are talking about.  What lady?  What movie?
Chandler:  You know, in Annie.
Casey:  No, her mom died in a fire.
Chandler:  No.  When they all go to the movies, the lady in the movie dies, but why?
(Seriously.  That's the question you have about Annie???)
Me:  I have no idea.
Chandler:  Oh.
(Have you counted the number of times I have responded with "I have no idea."?  This is sad in my life.  I seem to be spending most of it confused.)

5:08pm - home, take Ike out, feed Ike
5:12pm - Chris calls.  His meeting got out early and he is on his way home.  I tell him that I have to take the kids to Loralai's anyway because Q will have a melt down otherwise.
5:13pm - load up the kids, drive 7 houses up the street to CB's (she and Drew are Loralai's parents...FYI)
5:20pm - leave to drive back to school for PTO meeting
5:58pm - arrive at school
6:00pm - sitting on bleachers in the gym
7:02pm - leave gym, drive back home
7:35pm - arrive home

I am tired.  Oh, so very, very, tired.  AND, the bonus is that we will be having round two of insanity on Thursday.  Yay for the Pendleys!


Emily said...

See, that's when you hand Chandler the cell phone and say, "Call your Doe Doe. She's a nurse." Then leave it to her to explain all the heart attack details.

CB said...

OK - I am going to bring down some American Heart Association literature for you.

Can we talk about the music video Casey, Chandler and I watched on Nickelodeon? It was called, "Make the Baby Cry." I appreciated that Casey and Chandler both thought it would be weird to try and make a baby cry on purpose.