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Friday, November 12, 2010

Quinn's Method of Calming Down

This is Quinn's method for calming down.  It may or may not work for everyone.  Perhaps I should have tried it out this afternoon when I spent an hour in the yard with Ike,  saying every 30 seconds, "Go potty," in a valiant attempt to get him to not poop in the house this afternoon.  An hour, people.  I stood in my back yard for an hour.  An hour when I should have been starting laundry and cleaning up the kitchen.  An hour that should have been gloriously productive because Chris and the kids weren't home yet.  I contemplated ways of getting rid of the dog.  Within 15 minutes of coming back inside, he pooped in the craft room.  And then I wanted to kill the dog.  Just sayin. 

Also, please excuse the fact that Q has a tootsie roll in his mouth during the making of this video. 


molly said...

OMG- So cute!

Emily said...

I agree - very cute!

Anonymous said...

Holy crap. There are no words. The Tootsie Roll totally makes it, by the way. Don't apologize,

sharonp said...

You guys don't have good luck with dogs, do you?

Crystal Farish said...

That is just tooooo cute!!! I'm going to try the Q method!

And BTW, my dog does the very same thing. It's a power play between man and beast :)