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Thursday, November 18, 2010

One of Those Days

  • Apparently the morning was so bad here that Chris actually apologized to the children for the amount of yelling that happened.  The yelling was in response to Chandler "forgetting" to wake up - after being woken up three times, and the dog refusing to get in his crate.  And then, of course, all of the usual minor grievances.  I am not typically aware of these things because I leave before everyone else is ready.
  • The girls had an orthodontist appointment this afternoon.  I thought Chris was taking them and he thought I was taking them, so no one saw the orthodontist today.  I'm not terribly heartbroken because I know that the day is going to come when we go for a "check up" and they roll out the payment plan that will be the equivalent of a new car.  But, big sigh, we will reschedule.
  • Quinn gets a prize for going poop on the potty.  So, this afternoon he went to the bathroom by himself and sat there grunting, trying to squeeze out a little poop in exchange for a small container of bubbles.  We learned from this that he can indeed undress himself and climb on the potty by himself.  We also learned that bubbles are a fair trade for hemorrhoids in the world of Quinn.
  • Tonight I am taking the girls to dance and piano and then meeting my lovely friends for diet cokes at McDonald's.  This is what my life has come to - 45 minutes at McDonald's is considered my evening out.

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Emily said...

I hate it when I forget to wake up. :)