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Monday, November 29, 2010

The Pendley Newspaper

The girls have decided to publish a daily newspaper.  One dictates the article and the other one writes.  They change roles, too, so that one isn't stuck doing all the writing.  Here are some of the articles from yesterday's edition...

Best Sisters
They are two best sisters Casey and Chandler.  Two regular girls and they live in the Pendley house.  They never leave each other's side.  Supporting and helping, twenty-four, seven.  And in any weather.  Also you can never split them apart.  Every day there is something to play, find and explore.

Wild Brother
Quinn, our wild brother.  He is two years old.  He may look small but hard to defeat.  The powerful mind of the house...well, besides Dad.  Quinn can escape any trap you put him in.  

Also in yesterday's edition was a weather report, and an article on Style for Kids.  Pretty impressive.


Emily said...

VERY impressive! I'm sure Chris loved being called the Powerful Mind of the to Quinn. :)

Eliza said...

Love the articles. It makes me wish my little girl had a sister to be by her side twenty- four, seven.

sharonp said...

Where might we subscribe to the Pendley Herald?

Unknown said...

ooh fun! It reminds me of the Circle C (or was it circle T) newsletter my sister used to do every summer with her girls, with field trip report and music/book/food reviews!

Angie said...

Em - it makes me picture Chris as MegaMind...don't tell him I said that.

Eliza - trust me, 2 girls is not all its cracked up to be...24/7 usually involves many arguments - they once bit each other on the top of each others heads.

Sharon - You should talk to the girls. Perhaps they can hook you up

Joy - YES! You are absolutely right..only this is a tad bit that your sister was brilliant with the structure and having an audience, children are just willy nilly all over the place. :) Was it the Circle T? I can't remember. You should find that out. I was a subscriber. :)

Emily said...

Oh yes, Chris as Megamind. Awesome.