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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Where Did My Weekend Go?

Because, I just don't know. 

I spent Friday night as a big ball of stress.  No, really, I was a GIANT ball of stress.  Because somehow I thought it was a good idea to do a Holiday thing at an elementary school.  Me.  Selling my jewelry.  To complete strangers.  Now, I know that everyday there are people that look at my shop and read my blog that are complete strangers, but I don't have to see them.  Doing things like this just reminds me of garage sales, where I feel like I give people puppy dog eyes and beg, "please, please buy my things" and I wonder if I have food stuck in my teeth or if I look confident enough.  And then they walk away and I wonder why they didn't buy anything...perhaps they didn't like me enough to buy something...and that's why they walked away empty handed.  And then I have to fight the urge to call them back over and get to the heart of the matter.  How ridiculous is that?  Pretty ridiculous.  And when I feel this stressed, I tend to stay up super late in hopes that if I don't go to bed, then the dreaded event of the next day won't happen.  Again, pretty ridiculous.  So then I end up stressed, nervous AND exhausted the next day.  Which is sometimes helpful because then I am too tired to care what people actually think about me.  Or, at least too tired to not care about it for long.

So, on Saturday, I did this thing.  And I didn't sell a whole lot.  And it was a really long day.  And because I was by myself, it was a really long day in which I didn't eat or use the bathroom.  So, that was awesome.  I did read a book though.  Because I had 5 hours in which I didn't want to look at anyone with puppy dog eyes.

Last night, to make up for my crappy day, I forced my daughters to watch Little Women with me.  I not only love this book, I also love the 1994 movie version with Winona Ryder.  And I want them to love it to.  But I don't think they did because at the end of the movie, Casey said, "So, was there supposed to be a lesson in that or something?"  Um, yes.  Love your sister.  Maybe we should've just watched Annie again.  Big sigh.  But I do love Little Women.  Its in my top 5 favorite movies of all time.  When it came out, I made my boyfriend at the time take me to see it in the theater not once but twice.  And both times he was the only boy in the audience.

Speaking of boys, my husband looked so cute today and we had such fun conversation on the way to church this morning that I thought about asking him to pull over so that we could make out.  But we had children in the car.  And making out on the side of 129 would probably not be the best idea.  And then we might've been late for church.  And then we might've had a conversation with someone like this...

Someone:  Running late today?
Me:  Yeah.  We had to stop and make out.
Someone:  Oh. 

And that would be awkward.


Emily said...

I love Little Women! We should lock ourselves in a room on Thanksgiving and watch it while other people take care of our children. :)

sharonp said...

You'll never take me alive! I just realize I love that movie too. Count me in!

Crystal Farish said...

Yep, you pretty much summed up how I feel about selling my jewelry at a boutique. Not doing it ever again.

I looooove Little Women too. My favorite movie versions are: the oldest one with Katherine Hepburn . . . and the one with Liz Taylor

Anonymous said...

Go ahead and make out. Every time the impulse strikes. That's my motto, anyway.