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Saturday, November 6, 2010


{Scarlett Lovebirds Necklace $22}

{Orange and Red Bird Pendant Necklace $18}

{Berry and Leaf Earrings $8}
 {Khaki Flower Earrings $10}

{Vintage Style Blue Bird Necklace $22}

{Copper Honey Earrings $16}

 {Charmingly Bright - Shades of Red - Necklace $24}

{Charmingly Bright - Multicolored Glass - $26}

{Plum Teardrop Earrings $10}

Whew!  I've been busy.  Mainly because Chris was home with a sick Chandler yesterday and he did the cleaning and the laundry.  He's that kind of husband...the great kind.  Now, I think you should get busy with some early Christmas shopping!  Just sayin.  And don't forget about this.

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molly said...

How cool are these!!! And a bit of a new look. I like.