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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Our Time in High Rome

 Our time in High Rome (which is what the girls call the town that my parents live in...its not really pronounced High Rome...its Hiram) was spent with these guys - my younger brothers.  Matt (the strapping young fella on the left) lives in Texas, so it was especially good to see him.  Not that it wasn't good to see definitely it always is...I'm just saying that seeing Matt usually isn't an option.  So it was good.

This next picture just cracks me up.  As Randall was doing this, he was being teased about whatever he was doing...thinking about buttoning up your collar?  Who knows.  But this is just us...being silly...and there is always the threat of side pinching when the 3 of us are standing together.  Its been known to in my wedding pictures. 

This next picture is also just funny to me.  It was in between takes and Lord only knows what was going on.  Randall is apparently stretching in this one.  And my mom is going to die that all the world can see that she was wearing her slippers for the picture taking event.  Its okay though, she worked hard all day to make a fabulous dinner for all of us.

 The five of us.

All of us kids...Matt and Chalise, Chris and I, Randall and Ann.

There are more pictures to come...I just have to get around to loading them.  Ugh.

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Emily said...

Are those skinny jeans with boots you're wearing? I love!!!