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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

One for the Record Books

I was busy today, Friends (my school was closed for Election Day)...and even though I didn't get everything on my list accomplished (i.e. cleaning the God awful nasty bathrooms in my house, please don't stop by to use the restroom - I won't let you)...I am celebrating what I did get done, like...

1.  Purchased new winter coats for the girls.  (Old Navy = Super Sale!)
2.  Had lunch with Frankie...long overdue and it was wonderful girl time
3.  Stopped in the Ho Lo for some clasps and eye pins.  God only knows how I seem to go through these things so very quickly.
4.  Counseling appointment.  Making progress.
5.  Purchased new winter jammies for the kids.  No footed ones this year for Q - I know that footed pajamas + potty training = horrible idea.  Also, the girls needed jammies pants that weren't a good 4 inches above their ankles.  They looked like they were ready for a middle of the night flood.  Just sayin.
6.  Picked up the girls from school.  Helped with homework (except for that regrouping math problem...had to save that one for Chris). 
7.  Made doctor's appointment.  I haven't been to see Dr. Elder since my post op from Quinn.  Um, yeah.  Long overdue.
8.  Made appointment for Ike to get a manicure.
9.  Changed shipping rates in the shop.  That's right...HOLIDAY shipping rates!  Yay!  AAAANNNNNDDDD, there is more great news on the way in regards to the shop, by the end of the week.  I have to get all of my thoughts down on paper before I just start exploding with craziness.  You understand, I am sure.  Bottom line is, I am determined to hit 100 shop sales before the end of the year.  But I am going to need your help.  But, we'll get back to that.

When Chris got home with the boy, I informed him of all of my plans and the appointments that I had made.  He broke out into a fit of hysterical laughter.  When he regained a slice of sanity and calm, he explained that he knew I was starting to feel better about this because I was in scheduling mode....and I haven't been in awhile...and unfortunately, he was enjoying me not scheduling things. So, there you have it.


Emily said...

Wow! What an awesomely productive day! I am jealous of your appointment making and winter planning (coats and jammies). I need something to motivate me to go beyond the daily grind....

Angie said...

Well, when your children begin wearing two sets of pajamas to bed because they are cold...that kind of was a big motivator. :)

sharonp said...

Looks like the old Ang might be on her way back? I hope so! Yay Frankie! Yay pajamas! Yay Old Navy! Yay counselor!

In The Pursuit of Education said...

I never thought about footed pajamas + potty training = horrible idea

Good for me to keep in the back of my mind!!! :)