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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Quinn's Favorite Word

Its not a secret that Quinn's favorite time of day is that after bath time when he gets to run around naked.  So, it should not be so shocking that his favorite word these days is "Nakey."  Usually it goes like this...

Quinn:  Mama!  Mama!  Nakey!  Nakey!  (he shouts as Chris carries him downstairs from bath time)
Me:  Quinn!  Are you naked?
Quinn:  Yeah!  Nakey!

And then he runs into the living room, screaming, and feeling all sorts of glorious in his birthday suit.  He does laps while Ike chases after him.  Sometimes, Ike nips at his tush.  It is a very cute tush.  Sometimes, Quinn stops and Ike tries to get a little too friendly with Q's penis.  In these cases, Quinn ends up putting Ike in a headlock.

Then, Q grabs the phone (which is pretty much always laying on the couch) and begins shouting into it...

Quinn:  Meme!  Meme!  Nakey!
Me:  Quinn, do you want to call Meme?
Quinn:  Yeah.
Me:  What do you want to tell her?
Quinn:  Me nakey.
Me:  Ok.

At this point, I dial the number and Quinn takes it from there.  When my mom answers the phone, he shouts into it....  "Meme!  Me nakey!"  And, well, that's pretty much all that he has to say to her.

Sometimes he tries to climb on my back and when I turn my head around to look at him over my shoulder, he pushes my head (soft and slow) and says, "T-roun, Mama, me nakey."  Like I haven't seen that before.

I think I will be sad when his little language becomes more grown up.  When he starts saying "naked" and not "nakey."


Emily said...

Aww. Sweet Quinn.

molly said...

Ohh, that's all just too funny. The red balloon story is still one of my favorites.