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Thursday, November 11, 2010

My Child is Only Part Human

I picked the girls up this afternoon from Chris's school and then we headed over to pick up Quinn.  The girls were all sorts of wound up about the book fair next week.  They have a list of books that is a mile long that they want.  And they had to describe each of them to me in great detail.  At a very fast pace.  The only good news is that they didn't seem to mind if I didn't respond.  So, I didn't respond...until we got to this...

Casey:  And there's this book, with this cuuuuuuuttttteeeeee little guinea dog on the cover that has a bone in its mouth...and its called Guinea Dog.  Its about a guinea pig that acts like a dog or maybe about a guinea pig that is part dog....
Chandler:  Hey!  That's like me!  I'm part human and part coyote.  AWOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Ok, really?

Me:  Chan, I am really amazed by the way your mind works.
Chandler:  Why, thank you, Mama.  Thank you, very much.

*big sigh* *shakes heads* *grips steering wheel* *big sigh*

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