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Friday, November 5, 2010

So, here's the deal!

I promised you that there would be something big coming up for the shop, so here's the deal...  I am determined to hit 100 online sales by the end of the year...  but I need your help to accomplish this. (Clearly.  Because if I made the jewelry, listed the jewelry and then bought the jewelry myself, well, I think I would need more than just a little counseling.)  So, to help you, help me, in meeting my goal, I am offering these little incentives....

1.  Holiday Shipping!  Rates are $2.50 for U.S. shipping (.30 cents for additional items), $3.75 elsewhere (.50 cents for additional items) for the Holiday season.  If you are someone that I see in person and would like to make a purchase out of the shop, I will refund your shipping cost once payment is received through paypal.

2.  Super Reader Discount!  Leave a message for me in check out and I will take 25% off your purchase!  Yep.  You read that right.  Once payment is received through paypal, I will refund 25% back to you!  Yay!

So, now you should pop on over to my shop and, well, do some shopping!

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