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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Quinn, an abacus and a pie

Quinn loves counting on the abacus.  And, of course, this makes Chris very happy. 

Chris and I collaborated last night and made this apple pie.  He did the vast majority of the prep work and I told him the incorrect amounts of various ingredients.  Sometimes that happens. I'm not a huge apple pie fan, but this one has a caramel and chopped pecan topping, so how can you not love it?   I used this recipe.   We are bringing it out to my mother's house this week and we felt like we needed a trial pie.  And a trial batch of hard sauce for topping.  We made ours with spiced rum instead of whiskey.  Woah, Mama!  The hard sauce with this particular pie may have been a bit was seriously rich. 

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Emily said...

I made that pie a couple of years ago for Thanksgiving! I'm making the other one for this Thanksgiving. It's the one she posted this past week. We'll see how it goes. I'm making a non fruity dessert too. Feel free to bring some hard sauce!