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Monday, November 1, 2010

I Have Booked My Flight

I am leaving for Chicago on Thursday, January 20.  My sweet cousin, Phyllis, is getting married that weekend and I will be in attendance.  Yay!  I am flying up (by myself!) for three days.  My dad is picking me up from the airport Thursday night and taking me to my grandmother's house, where I will spend Thursday night and all day on Friday in my pajamas, digging through old pictures and convincing her to tell me her life story into my fancy digital voice recorder that Chris bought me last year for Christmas (specifically for this purpose). 

The wedding is on Saturday and I am super excited about it!  Except for the small little detail that it is a winter wedding.  And I don't know what to wear to a winter wedding...especially one where they actually have winter.  My father's advice:  Don't wear some skimpy dress and high heels.  Has he met me?  Does he really think that I would wear "some skimpy dress" anywhere???  *rolls eyes*  And then we had this conversation:

Dad:  We could luck out and it could be a really nice day.
Me:  Yeah, and by "nice" you mean a whopping 40 degrees, and I would still be freezing my tush off.
Dad:  No, "nice" I mean 30 degrees.  Not nice and it could be 30 below.  Maybe you should look at getting one of those pants suits.
Me:  Yeah...that way I could wear my long johns under it.

I kid you not, I will be wearing long johns.  All weekend long.  I am prepared for this...that's how Southern I have become.

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Crystal Farish said...

Have fun!!!! Eat a Chicago dog for me. :)