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Sunday, July 11, 2010

And Then I Demanded We Go Out...

**this is the continuation of how we met. Part I is found here.

So after our big night out in Athens, we began emailing each other. He promised to come back and help me rearrange my classroom. I promised to take him to the teacher store in metro Atlanta to buy things for his classroom. We discussed my upcoming blind date that my friend, Joy, had sent up for me. My 2 previous long term relationships were both with guys that I went to high school with, so my friends were now encouraging me to branch out, hence the blind date. And then, after I had made arrangements for my friend Sue and her boyfriend Sterg to babysit the girls, the blind date guy got freaked out by the idea of a blind date and canceled on me. But I have babysitters lined up, I whined in my head. So, I called Chris. Here was our actual phone conversation...

Me: Hey! What're you doing?
Chris: Oh, nothing.
Me: Well, blind date guy canceled on me and Sue and Sterg are all lined up to babysit the girls Friday night, so we should go out.
Chris: I think we might be having some kind of birthday thing for my uncle that night.
Me: Oh. Ok. I could go to that.
Chris: What? You want to come to my uncle's family birthday party?
Me: Um. Well, yeah, I guess so. I do love a good birthday party. And I already have babysitters. I have to go out. I just can't cancel a free babysitter. I can't.
Chris: I don't know that you should use the free babysitter to come to my uncle's birthday. Really. But if that what you want to do...
Me: I do!
Chris: Ok. Do you want me to come up to school and help with some end of year stuff on Friday?
Me: Sounds great.

And then we chit chatted for a bit and left it at that. I was very demanding. And I totally invited myself to his family function. What was wrong with me? I have no idea.

Chris called me later to say that the uncle's birthday celebration was, in fact, not going to be that night, so he was free to do whatever I wanted to do. I wanted to eat a huge veggie plate at The Grit and sip a chocolate martini at Go Bar. So, that's what we did. And he paid. His treat. He wouldn't take no for an answer.

After dinner and drinks, we went back to my house. The girls were in bed and Sue and Sterg were more than happy to hang out with us. Joy (the friend/neighbor) walked across the street to visit too and then when Amy (the other neighbor) got off work, she too, headed on over. We had a great time - everyone talking and laughing. Sue told this ridiculous story about spending the previous summer in the Red Clay Writing Project at UGA with me...

Each morning, a group of people in the writing project were responsible for bringing in various breakfast items for us to all eat together. My favorite days were when people signed up to bring in Krispy Kremes...and I made sure that everyone knew my favorite - chocolate frosted with sprinkles. (Sprinkles make me happy.) She was convinced that I could eat an entire dozen of them completely on my own.

We all had a good laugh...just one of the many that evening. When we started yawning, we decided to call it a night. Amy and Joy headed back to their houses across the street. Sue and Sterg drove away. And Chris headed back to Athens.

My evening had turned out to be perfectly wonderful, even though my original date had canceled.

to be continued....

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