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Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Dog Days of Summer


This is really a very LOOOOOONNNNNGGGGG story, but I am going to try to sum it up in a not so long way. Chris is not a fan of animals. I am a HUGE fan of animals. Sometimes in an unhealthy way. Like when I was 17 and brought home an entire litter of kittens. I found them at my boyfriend's grandmother's house in the country and they were all sickly and flea infested and the mama cat was nowhere to be found. So, I took them to the vet, got medicine and eye drops and flea shampoo and I promised to nurse them all back to health and find good homes for them. Which I did. My parents were not very pleased with me. Especially because we already had 4 cats. And my stepdad hates cats.

Sheesh. I digress.

Point is, I check the Athens Animal Control website (by volunteers) every couple of days. On Monday, this cutie was on there. I showed him to Chris. He responded with, "What time are they open until? Maybe Q and I will go up there while you girls are at VBS."

Huh? What? Who are you and what have you done with my husband?

They closed before Chris would be able to make it up there. Tuesday we were without kids, so we went to meet this sweet little pug. We put in an application and were told to call on Sunday between 2 and 4 to see if he was still available. And then we figured since we had already started the day in a dog mood, we should just continue it that way. So we went to the Oconee County Animal Control and the Gwinnett County Animal Control. But still liked the first guy best.

And then last night we saw on their website that he had been reclaimed. Ugh. I feel like I was sooooo close, yet so far away.

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Emily said...

I can't believe Chris was going along with that. What drugs is he on? :)

sharonp said...

Remind Chris of a cat named Lily who hung around his house, got knocked up and had a litter of kitties in our basement. She spawned Little Spot at Emily's house. That really did look like a precious dog. I wish you hadn't shown us his picture!

Emily said...

And I believe he even flew on a plane with that cat. A plane. With a cat. A cat that had gas. Enough said.

joven said...
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