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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sometimes I Get an F in Parenting...

...and last night was one of those times.

The girls were at my mom's, so Chris and I loaded Q up in his car and pushed him up the street for a visit with Drew, CB and Loralai. Have I mentioned that he loves Loralai? She's his girlfriend. So anyway, we headed up to visit and let the kids play in the little pool while Chris and Drew watched a soccer game. Quinn, ever ready for a party, jumped into the water with his clothes on. I wasn't overly concerned (he had a swimmy diaper on). He had a great time! The pool, the sprinkler, the ball pit and popsicles! And, apparently, chaffing.

Poor Q. The inside of fat little thighs are chaffed from his groin almost to his knees. Chris and I are worried that one day he could have a serious injury and we would never know because his threshold for pain is so high and nothing seems to slow him down.

He has walked all day like he is either
a. A pirate that just stepped off his ship onto dry land.
b. A cowboy that just got off his horse.
c. A sumo wrestler about to enter the ring.

Poor Q.


Allyson said...

We all get an "F" in parenting occasionally. I'm sure your "A" bring up your average, so you're not a TOTAL failure. :)

Emily said...

This is not a failing grade parenting moment. Jonah had the same issue rather recently. We put Aquaphor on it...and he loved being lubed up. :)