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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I Bleed Red and Black

{Cherry Earrings, $12, in the shop}

{Glory, Glory Earrings No.2, $10, in the shop SOON!}
{Glory, Glory Earrings No.1, $10, in the shop}

Introducing the new Red and Black Collection! In our house, we bleed red and black. Ok, maybe that sounds a little like we're crazy super fans that paint ourselves and head off to football games. So, let, me just say, Chris and I are both UGA fans. We like spending Saturday afternoons throughout the fall watching our beloved Georgia Bulldogs. And I also like wearing some red and black. Which means that there should be lots of red and black accessories. The bonus from my love of red and black is that the colors for the high school where we live are also red and black. Woohoo!


Abby said...

My husband may not be pleased with how much money I will be spending on jewelry!! :) Love this line!

Shelley said...

I am super stoked about the new red and black!!!