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Friday, July 16, 2010

Another Way That I Know I am Getting Older

I am a firm believer in consignment sales. I love shopping and I love a great deal, so the consignment sales are the perfect place for me.

A friend of my mother's told her about one when the girls were 3 months old. They had just grown out of their preemie clothes. So, my mom went during her lunch break one day and from that first purchase on, we were both hooked.

The first sale we sold in was in a big, fancy neighborhood in Duluth in their clubhouse. My mom volunteered to work at it so that we could get a shop early pass. I was in Heaven!

From that point on, I've done a Spring/Summer sale and Fall/Winter sale. I've participated in ones where you had to had write your tags on index cards (days and days and days of work), ones where everything has to stay in order by item number, and ones where everything on the tags were computer generated.

The "Big Sale" in our house is famous! The girls love when I start getting ready because that means that soon enough I will come home with the mother load for them. they are getting to be too big - the selection and quality isn't so great for their size - and so very few things come home from the "Big Sale" for them.

So, my drop off time is on Monday and I've set aside today to get everything organized, hung, tagged and bagged. This is my system:
1. pull all clothes out of boxes, sort by size
2. hang all clothes, sort by items within the sizes
3. input all information into the tag generator on the computer
4. hand write size and description on tags (ugh! the worst! just when you start to feel like you are making progress...)
5. cut tags and pin tags on clothes
7. bag items

Ready to go!

This is yet another way that I know I am getting older. I do all of this sitting on the floor. And whereas I used to be able to work for hours without complaint, seems every 30 minutes I have to take a break. My knees are stiff along with my back and my neck. Ugh. Big sigh. And so, I know that I am getting older.

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