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Friday, July 23, 2010

Another Day of Searching

Last night we had the "big dog talk" with the girls (as in, "big talk" not "big dog").

This morning we headed out to the Barrow Co Animal Shelter, where we found...nothing. And since we were half way to the Gwinnett shelter, we decided to head over there. On Tuesday they had a nice pug and our only hesitation was that he was 6 years old. But we decided to see how he was with the girls and then go from there. Only he was gone. Adopted at 8am this morning.

So we came home for lunch and then went to the Hall Co shelter. And that is where I left my heart.

To begin with, we didn't see anything that would suit our needs. As we were leaving we stopped back in the small dog room and a vet tech had out a beagle mix. Here's our conversation...

VT (vet tech): Are y'all finding anything?
Me: Well, no, not really.
VT: What are you looking for?
Me: Maybe a pug or cocker spaniel. But we didn't see any of them.
VT: We have a pug mix in quarantine right now. He picked up a bacteria from drinking rainwater, but has been on antibiotic for a couple of days now and is doing really well. Would you like me to bring him out?
Me: Well, YES!

And then I fell in love. And the girls fell in love. And Chris said no.

He's such a killjoy. Or, as his mother said, a fuddy duddy.

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Amanda Jo said...

If ya'll are interested we have a medium dog that is WONDERFUL with people. He is just a goofy lab mix and would love to be indoors where he would get more attention than he does now.