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Friday, July 2, 2010

Let the Weekend Begin

Yesterday, the girls wore their 3D glasses with the lenses popped out for the majority of the day. They kind of look like my father in the 60's. It was a jam packed day, though, filled with cleaning, grocery shopping, a VBS meeting, trip to Target and then driving 2.5 hours to pick up my cousin Beth and her son Ryan. And then we had to drive the 2 hours back to our house. It took me longer to get there because I got lost. In Waleska. And when I called my stepdad for help and to tell him I was lost in Waleska, he replied, "Yeah, I was afraid of that." Um, great.

Quinn just really wanted to have his picture taken, too.

Today we are off to the Yellow River Game Ranch and hoping that the rain really does stop the way that they say it is going to. We shall see. Maybe I'll remember to bring my camera on this outing.

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Magali Vaz said...

OMG they looks so cute! Completely hipster. I want glasses just like that! *stomps feet*.