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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Big Fun...And Yet They Still Want More...

Today we went here. The High Museum of Art in downtown Atlanta. It was one of their educator+guest free days. So, since Q was already scheduled to go to the sitter's, we decided that the four of us would go. I mean, really, FREE!!! Approx. 23 minutes into our visit, Chandler began with, "So, um, does this place have a cafeteria, or what?" Seriously. Just shut it and look at the art. Monet, Krasner, Frank Lloyd Wright, Renoir. Appreciate. The food will come later. Approx. 28 minutes into the visit, Casey sauntered up next to me, batting her eyelashes, " they have a gift shop here?" Ugh. I had to walk away. Now don't get me wrong, I realize that they are only 8.5 years old and that they weren't really going to enjoy this trip, but we figured this was a better time to take them than when they are 12 and not wanting anything to do with us. At least now, they wanted to have conversations with us and listened to what we had to say about the different styles and histories and such. But really, couldn't they have humored me a little bit longer before asking for a cafeteria and gift shop????

After the museum we went here. To the original Atlanta Cheesecake Factory. The one that was ever so popular for Homecoming and Prom dinners, fancy date nights, when I was in high school. Chris and I most definitely need to eat at Cheesecake Factories more often...we always end up ordering a ridiculous amount of food. Like these...
I love them. I could eat 2 orders of them by myself. Oh, avocado eggrolls, will you please marry me? Anyway...I had these (which I shared) and a portobella mushroom burger. Chris had salmon and corn fritters, and the girls had hamburger and chicken sliders. And then we were so full that there wasn't any room for cheesecake. :(

I read my book on the drive home and dreamed of perhaps taking a rest. It had been an early morning and a long day. Apparently, my children did not feel the same way. When we pulled into the garage, Chan said, "So, can we all go bike riding now?"

Doh! Um, no, pal. Mama's gotta get her rest on.

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