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Saturday, July 24, 2010

What's in a Name?

So we called the girls (remember, they're at my mom's) late this afternoon to update them on the dog situation. We were on speaker phone...they were ECSTATIC! Screaming, jumping up and down, on the verge of crying. We also told them to be thinking of names.

I called them back later this night. Chan is still on cloud nine. At one point she told me, "Mama, please make sure to tell Daddy thank you for making all of this possible." She will also use that in her Oscar acceptance speech one day.

And then there was this part of the conversation...

Me: So, have you thought of any names?
Chan: Well, sister and I like Trooper, Scout, Rookie and Flash.
Me: Oh. I kind of like people names for pets.
Chan: No thank you.

What is there to say after that?

And Chris has completely put the kabash on Flash. That is just begging for the dog to be a runner.


Paula said...

Maybe you can call him Quiet McSlowpoke. :)

sharonp said...

I vote for Scout. I bet Q can say that!

Chris Pendley said...

Paula, I think that is a fantastic idea. Maybe Quiet Lazykins McSlowpoke?

Unknown said...

I had a dog named Trooper. He was...special?