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Thursday, July 15, 2010

I Made Him Dinner

This is Part III...Part II is found here. Part I is linked on Part II. Whew!

On Sunday, I called and invited him over for dinner as a thank you for taking me out Friday night. Now, remember, I was a single parent. These were the days when I actually cooked. It wasn't very good and I wasn't very creative with it, but I did cook. So, I invited him over. I made spaghetti and Italian the oven...the way my father told me to do it since I didn't own a grill. I'm pretty sure I made garlic bread out of hamburger buns. It was a very awesome dinner.

He had met the girls while we was student teaching and they thought he was fantastic. They called him "Chris Penguie."

He stayed for the girls' bath time and then bed time. And then we talked and laughed and listened to music.

We were friends, good friends.

Monday began the last week of school. The girls and I were leaving the following Saturday morning to fly to Chicago for almost 2 weeks.

On Tuesday, Chris came over again. When he arrived, he told me that he had a surprise for me but that he was going to wait until the girls were in bed to give it to me.

As soon as the girls were down, he walked out to his car to retrieve my surprise. He came back in carrying a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts - chocolate frosted with favorite.

to be continued....

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Crystal Farish said...

I'm hooked!!! Where's the next chapter!!