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Friday, July 30, 2010

Pictures..Dog Plus Kids...Take 112

The girls desperately want to have their picture taken with Ike to email to Meme. And we have tried. Believe me, we have tried.

And now Casey is letting me know who the problem really is in this picture. And it isn't her. She is such a snitch, isn't she? Like I really couldn't figure out who was causing me the most grief.

In this one, Ike is actually looking at me, but really, what in the world are my children doing? Could Chan look any happier? Could Casey look more irritated?

And then even Chris stepped up to the plate to try and remedy the situation. It didn't really work. Oh, look, he's making the same face as Chan in the earlier picture. Happy.


Unknown said...

Hilarious! I mean...uh, yeah, sorry...that's just funny. :)

Anonymous said...

fantastic photo - upskirt