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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Birthday America!

Yesterday we spent the day at Sandy Creek Beach. It was perfect - not crowded - and Quinn could run (but not fast enough on the sand to get away from us) and there was no concrete for him to fall on. He had a great time sitting at the water's edge digging holes. I forgot my camera, so, alas, there are no pictures of this marvelous day.

We are heading out to Mom's for a pool day, great food, and to visit with the fam in town from Chicago (my grandmother, my mom's 3 brothers and their families, along with my brother and his girlfriend). We're spending the night. Cross your fingers that I take my camera along for this.


sharonp said...

Does this mean you could be warming up to the beach??

Chris Pendley said...

Mom, we were there for all of two and a half hours before I started asking if it was time to load up and go, so I think we still have a lot of warming to do.