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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Our First Anniversary

This is us on our first anniversary, eating dinner at the Hemingway Bistro across the street from the Hemingway Museum in Oak Park, IL. In my opinion, it was our best anniversary yet. We spent the day touring the Frank Lloyd Wright Museum and then Hemingway and wandering around this beautiful little town. We ate in a fancy restaurant with no children and we gazed lovingly into each other's blue eyes. Ok, maybe not that last part, but the rest of it is true.
2nd Anniversary...I was having complications from my c-section after having Quinn.
3rd Anniversary...It was so good that I've forgotten what we did. We probably woke up that morning, said, "Happy Anniversary" and went on with our day.
4th Anniversary...Nothing says "I love you" like season 2 of True Blood on DVD.

While I joke about this, I must say I love this show. And we don't have HBO. Last summer we bought season 1 and loved it. What it means for me is 1 week of zoning out with my husband in front of the TV every night, enjoying summer. And while I am talking about True Blood, let me tell you this...the following is an actual conversation with my dad last spring...

Dad: You watch that True Blood show?
Me: No. I'd like to, but we don't have HBO.
Dad: Oh, man. You gotta see this show. It's a great one. And you could probably relate to it and know, they're redneck hillbilly vampires on that show.
Me: Um...are you saying that I could relate to it because its about vampires, or because they're redneck hillbillies?
Dad: Oh. The redneck hillbilly part. Man, I love that show.
Me: Gee. Thanks, Dad. Are you calling me a redneck hillybilly?
Dad: (the Yank oozing out of his voice) Well, that's what you are, right? With your power bill, and your buggy, and your sack? 'My mama shake n'baked, and I helped!' (with the southern accent from the commercial years ago) *chuckling, because he is so funny*

And then the conversation continued. The truly disturbing thing was not the way that my father shows his love through teasing, but that my father loves True Blood. And the nudity? Yeah, um, that makes me uncomfortable to talk about this show with my father. Just sayin.


Paula said...

I LOVE True Blood! We were telling my father in law he should watch it. While over one day, we started the first episode so he can see it. Yeah, completely forgot about the graphic sex scenes. Awkward!

Abby said...

When people who are old enough to be my parents ask me if I watch True Blood, I lie. :)

Happy Anniversary!