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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What Not to Watch as Your First Movie Date Night

***this is part Part V...follow this link for PartIV (parts I - III) are linked there.

So, I called and he accepted. He was coming over to watch a movie Friday night and the girls and I were leaving for Chicago on Saturday morning.

We decided to watch Closer. Definitely NOT a great first movie to watch together kind of movie. We sat snuggled up on my very small couch together. And by the end of the night, he kissed me. (Gasp!) And in my head, I was thinking, What does this mean??? What does it mean???

I knew that we were compatible - we had the same sense of humor, the same career, the same tastes in music, we both enjoy reading, he liked my kids (and my kids liked him)...

BUT - he was just starting his career. He was just out of a relationship. He was just getting all of the pieces of his life in place. And I was a girl with A LOT of baggage. Like mounds and mounds of baggage. Like so much baggage I had a shed out back just to store all of my excess baggage in.

(Well, I didn't really have a shed, but I should have.)

He was a point where he could live where ever he wanted to and do whatever he wanted. He had no strings, no ties, no commitments.

I tossed in my sleep Friday night. I was leaving for almost 2 weeks. Distance should be a good thing. A time to reflect and come up with a game plan.

to be continued...

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Allyson said...

You're killing me and I know the outcome!