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Monday, July 26, 2010

And Then I Went to Chicago.

This is Part VI...Part V can be found here.

The following morning, the girls and I drove to my mom's house who then drove us to the airport. I must say, by this point, the girls were the perfect 3 year old traveling companions. They had already flown several times and were old pros at it.

We enjoyed almost 2 weeks worth of fun with my family in Chicago. We went to parties, to the aquarium, to my favorite mall (Oakbrook).

But I thought about Chris constantly. I didn't know if this was just a summer fling (in his mind), if he really understood the complexities of dating a woman with two small children, how it would be dating if we were working together the next year. Ugh. There was a huge battle brewing inside my head. Don't you hate it when that happens?

I checked my email, but not regularly, while we were gone. And he did email...that he was thinking about me and hoped we were having a good time. I also received a "getting to know you" email from a friend. (Remember when those went around all of the time? ...first job, favorite drink, last movie you saw...) So, I filled it out and sent it to him. His answers made me laugh. And I found things out that I didn't previously know (like he has a tattoo...that sort of thing).

While I was in Chicago, I spent a good bit of time with my cousin Beth. I shared with her the possibility of this new relationship. And I told her, "I am scared because I know that if I date him, I will marry him. And I don't know if I am ready for that. And I don't know if he is ready for that. But he is that guy. He's the one that you don't let get away."

And she told me I need to man up. Okay, maybe not exactly those words, but something along those lines.

Then we flew home. We had a driver take us to my mother's. We ate dinner. Talked. Rested. Then I drove us home. And I called him. And he came over.

He grinned when he saw me and held me in his arms and told me how much he missed me.

to be continued....

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