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Friday, July 30, 2010

My Summer is a Three Day Weekend

Which, in my head, sounds like Happiness is a Warm Gun. Only My Summer is a Three Day Weekend. That's what I have left. Today, Saturday and Sunday. And then, Come Monday, its back to the grind.

(I mean, really, how many song titles can I fit in one post without even trying???)

This summer has gone by amazingly fast. Honestly, I don't know where it went.

The finer points of this summer....
1. We survived driving to and from Chicago.
2. I made two trips to Goodwill.
3. I made a lot of jewelry.
4. We read Harry Potter with the girls.
5. Q has added several words to his vocabulary and has a handful of two word strands that he uses frequently. The two most common being, "No, Dada." and "Hey, Dawg."
6. The girls went on a mini vaca to Chicago without us.
7. We got a dog.

The crappiness of this summer...
1. Q is all sorts of off schedule. He has not slept through the night in over 5 weeks now. And next week it is going to kill us. Seriously.
2. Our trip to Chicago was only 3 days long.
3. I did not seem to have as much free time as I thought I was going to. I already miss calling Frankie to chat in the middle of the day.
4. It is, for all intense purposes, it is over. Ugh.

I have 10 posts (ok maybe not quite 10) swirling around in my head to write today, so stick around!

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